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The smoking rate in New York is the lowest ever

Number of smokers in New York reaches record low

It is thought public smoking bans, tobacco taxes and graphic anti-smoking campaigns has reduced the smoking rate to 14
Scooby Doo is the 'healthiest' cartoon character

'Healthiest' kids cartoon character is Scooby Doo

Despite eating mountainous sized snacks, the UK's Department of Health has found Scooby Doo and his companions are the most active cartoon characters on TV
There are 12 million cases of cancer worldwide

Cancer cases rise to be world's main health challenge

As cases of cancer reach 12 million worldwide, experts are warning heart disease and diabetes are also key areas for concern
Grasshoppers could soon hit plates in Europe

EU spending millions to get people to eat insects

The European Union is investing €3 million to research the nutritional qualities of insects such as locusts, crickets and scorpions
McDonald's will put calorie information on its UK menus

McDonald's to put calorie information on menus in UK

Consumers will be able to see the calorie counts of burgers, milkshakes, Happy Meal's and salads
A 'chips tax' is now active in Hungary

Controversial 'tax on chips' is enforced in Hungary

The government in Hungary is hoping the new law, which was introduced earlier this week, will tackle obesity and raise €76 million
VibroGym Diamond

The most expensive home gym equipment

From the ludicrously pricey to the bizarre and from the impressive to the impossible, Healthcare Global cites four examples of luxury home gym equipment
UP by Jawbone

UP by Jawbone: the latest health must-have

Investments totaling $119 million are seeing the pioneering gadget company expand its reach into the health and wellbeing industry
Coriander is a natural antibiotic

Coriander oil can fight MRSA, E.Coli and salmonella

The oil contained in the coriander herb has been found to have the ability to fight a number of bacterial infections
Wine can be part of a healthy diet

Can wine help you lose weight?

New evidence is suggesting drinking a glass of wine a day can help you to lose weight
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