New pill has ALL five-a-day fruit and vegetable needs

The Juice Plus+ supplement is being dubbed as a new 'wonder pill' and is popular with celebrities
 Juice Plus+

A new health supplement is claiming to provide the required daily amount of five portions of fruit and vegetables in just two tablets taken each day.

 The Juice Plus+ pills are already popular in America and have won an allegiance of celebrity fans, including Bear Grylls and members of the German Olympic team; they have now gone on sale in the UK.

Studies have found that the Juice Plus+ products support the immune system, increased the level of antioxidants in the body and helped to boost heart health.


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The UK distributor, Justin Dodd, believes that the supplements will enable people with busy lives to ensure they reach the five-a-day target.

He said: “Juice Plus+ really is a wonder pill in every sense. “It literally contains all five portions of your recommended minimum five-a-day, and can be taken on-the-move without any fuss.”

However, there has been some doubt cast over the so called ‘wonder’ supplement.

Despite the Juice Plus+ pills being tested in 16 different clinical trials and the results being published in peer-reviewed journal publications, the American manufacturer Natural Alternative International came under fire for funding the majority of studies.

Meanwhile, scientists at the University of California Berkeley said it was “impossible” for a capsule to deliver the nutrients that comes from five portions of fruit and vegetables.

Writing in the institution’s Wellness Guide to Dietary Supplements, they said: “No capsules can substitute for fruits and vegetables, which contain the best balance of nutrients and phytochemicals.”

“You cannot ‘concentrate’ significant amounts of them in a capsule.”

It is thought that only a third of people living in Britain consume the recommended five-a-day as advised by the Department of Health.

The Juice Plus+ pills come in two different varieties; the Orchard Blend and the Garden Blend. 

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