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How can independent pharmacies create a sustainable future?

Should pharmacies be looking for a 'fee for service, not free for service' business model? And how long can independent community pharmacies continue to compete against the multiples?
Global entrepreneurs have donated thier money to medicine

Millionaires (and billionaires!) making a difference in medicine

Healthcare Global takes a look at what some of the wealthiest business men in the world have done to support medical research
M&A activity in the healthcare sector has increased

Economic trends in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries

Asia provides US and European firms with huge opportunities for growth in the pharmaceuticals sector
The recession is forcing strategic changes

Recession forcing strategic changes in pharma industry

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are having to change the way they do business in order to survive the current financial restraints
Black market organ trade is increasing, WHO warns

WHO warns illegal organ trade is increasing rapidly

An organ transaction occurs every hour on the black market, according to the World Health Organisation
Auranofin has been successful at treating dysentery

Cheap arthritis drug is a promising dysentery treatment

Auranofin, which is sold under the trade name of ridaura, is reportedly 10 times more effective than the existing treatment for amoebic infections
The healthcare industry is facing a major skills shortage

Tailor made benefits can provide a powerful tool for recruitment

We look at what companies in the healthcare industry can do attract and retain skilled employees in such a competitive market
Vocational rehabilitation needs more focus

Developing a more effective approach to vocational rehabilitation

The UK's poor record on vocational rehab represents an opportunity for the private healthcare sector
The WHO's headquarters in Geneva

Long-term future of WHO at risk from financial crisis

Oxfam is warning the World Health Organisation is suffering from a severe financial crisis at a time when demands on the organisation are increasing
GSK's UK-based Corporate HQ

GSK spends £61 million to take full control of Cellzome

The pharmaceutical company already owns almost 20 percent of the chemical proteomics firm
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