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Abbott Laboratories has been fined $1.6 billion

Abbott Laboratories fined $1.6bn for Depakote marketing

The pharmaceutical company marketed its anti-seizure medication as being suitable for things it had not been authorised for
Doctors' salaries are set to fall

Doctors are unhappy with career choice as salaries fall

According to an annual survey conducted by Medscape, only 50 percent of doctors said they would choose medicine as a career path again
David Brennan will retire and step down as CEO in June

AstraZeneca CEO David Brennan to retire in June

The company's Chairman, Louis Schweitzer, has also announced his retirement three months early than expected
AstraZeneca's London Headquarters

AstraZeneca buys Ardea Biosciences for $1.26 billion

The pharmaceutical giant is hoping to boost its product line with Ardea's experimental drug treatments for gout and cancer
New 5p and 10p coins could cause skin conditions

New 5p and 10p coins could cause dermatitis and eczema

Dermatologists are warning that a change to the coating of the new coinage will aggravate common skin conditions and allergies
The UK's Patent Box will come into force in April 2013

Patent Box legislation aims to boost UK's R&D industry

The UK government is hoping to re-establish the UK's position as a world leader in patented innovation
Chin augmentations are growing in popularity

'Chinplants' are newest cosmetic surgery trend in US

Figures released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have revealed that 20,680 chin augmentations were carried out in America during 2011 - a 71 percent increase from 2010
Expiring patents will see pharma companies lose out

Pharma giants lose out in urological disorders market

The expiration of a number of patents on key drugs will prove to be challenging for major pharmaceutical companies
David Cameron has pledged £66m to dementia research

UK to boost dementia research funding to £66m by 2015

It comes days after a study revealed that the UK was one of the world's leaders in dementia research
£300 million has been donated to brain research

Microsoft co-founder pledges $300m to brain research

Paul Allen will invest the sum over the next three years in the Allen Institute for Brain Science
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