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Blockbuster drugs are set to lose their patents

Plunging off the patent cliff

With patents about to expire on the blockbuster drugs of the nineties, Healthcare Global explores the effect the 'patent cliff' will have on the pharmaceutical industry
The use of IT can make significant savings

Driving savings and efficiency in healthcare

Healthcare Global takes a specific look at how the UK's NHS is using IT systems to meet necessary savings targets laid down by the government
Tickets for the Health Lottery go on sale this week

New Health Lottery to earn £50m for healthcare services

Media mogul Richard Desmond, the owner of Northern & Shell, is launching a Health Lottery to boost the company's charitable donations
The global cost of cancer care is sprialling

Rising cancer costs could lead to global crisis

Health experts are warning the cost of cancer care and treatment is rapidly increasing with each patient
Roche has stopped its deliveries to some Greek hospitals

Greek hospitals have drug supply stopped by Roche

A number of state owned hospitals in Greece have seen their pharmaceutical supply halted after failing to pay bills
GSK CEO Andrew Witty and McLaren's Ron Dennis

GlaxoSmithKline joins forces with F1 group McLaren

The drug manufacturer and racing team have come together in a long term strategic partnership to improve GSK's innovation and technological research
One in 25 bosses could be a psychopath

Business leaders could have psychopathic qualities

A study has found one in 25 bosses possess similar characteristics to those of psychopaths
Pfizer will lose exclusive rights to Lipitor in 2012

Sanofi wins Lipitor licence from Pfizer

A generic version of the world's best selling drug could be available before Pfizer loses its exclusive patent rights next year
The healthcare industry offers job security

Five 'alternative' jobs in the healthcare industry

The roles of doctors and nurses are the most recognised jobs the healthcare industry has to offer, but there are a number of other, lesser known, career pathways to be explored
50 million people in the US cannot afford healthcare

50 million Americans cannot afford healthcare

A Commonwealth Fund report has found almost 75 percent of people who lost health insurance along with their job during the credit crunch are missing needed health treatments
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