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Gonorrhoea is becoming untreatable

What's going on with gonorrhoea?

As news of antibiotic resistant strains of the sexually transmitted infection is rife in the media, Healthcare Global investigates the concerns
Genetic testing is vital in personalised cancer care

Developing a personalised approach to cancer treatments

Stratified medicine is creating new opportunities for the medtech sector, and sparking hope for personalised cancer care
Cannabis can treat a range of medical conditions

The golden age of cannabis

Cannabis has already been used to create a treatment for MS, but it has great potential for conditions as diverse as cancer pain, epilepsy, metabolic disorders and brain injury
Argentina is boosting the health of its citizens

Argentina takes hold of public healthcare

Strong government schemes that are in place in the country are expected to grow in the next few years
Seven cups of a tea increase prostate cancer risk

Seven cups of tea a day increases prostate cancer risk

The results of the latest research have acted as a stark warning to male tea drinkers
Silicone gel breast implants

PIP breast implants have no long term health impacts

That's according to the final report on the scandal, which has been published today
Graphic health warnings are more effective

Graphic cigarette warnings help smokers to quit

According to a team of researchers in America, warning labels on cigarette packets that feature graphic images stay in smokers' minds longer
Diesel fumes can cause lung cancer, the WHO confims

WHO confirms diesel fumes can cause cancer

According to the World Health Organisation, fumes from vehicles that run on diesel fuel lead to lung cancer
NHSBT's 'body-artery' campaign

Boosting the UK's blood stocks for London 2012

An estimated 1.2 million visitors are expected to descend on London this summer for the Olympics, but how is the UK's National Health Service preparing itself for the Games?
Vaccination programmes would have a huge impact

UNICEF tackles pneumonia and diarrhoea to save 2m lives

The United Nations Children's Fund has said routine vaccination programmes against the two illnesses could have a great impact in some of the world's poorest countries
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