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Hospital waste

New EU energy guidelines to cost UK's NHS £70m a year

Public bodies will be required to revamp three percent of floor space every year, replacing the old with new facilities that meet the highest environmental and energy saving standards
WHO: Malaria deaths are falling

Malaria death rate continues to fall across the world

According to the World Health Organisation, the number of deaths caused by malaria has decreased by 25 percent in the last decade
2011 International Health Promotion Awards

Awards give recognition to community health programmes

The 2011 International Health Promotion Awards have been given to six global workplace and community healthcare initiatives
The world's first ever 'stalker clinic' has opened in the UK

New 'stalker clinic' opened in UK is the world's first

The National Stalking Clinic, the world's first ever centre that's aimed at treating stalkers has opened in London
Experts believe nuns should be allowed to take the pill

Nuns should take contraceptive pill to cut cancer risk

Health experts believe that women who don't have children have an increased chance of developing breast, womb and ovarian cancer
Meditation can help to manage ADHD in adults and kids

Alternative options to manage ADHD

Dr Ronald Alexander explores some alternative methods that can be used to control Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
TYCT aims to protect patients from Botox cowboys

Safeguarding patients with Treatments You Can Trust

One year on from its launch, Healthcare Global investigates Treatments You Can Trust, a register of practitioners medically qualified to administer injectable cosmetic procedures and looks at how it encourages patients to shop responsibly for Botox treatments
Fish spas have become increasingly popular

Fish foot spas - how safe are they really?

After the warnings that HIV and hepatitis could be spread through fish foot spas, Healthcare Global investigates the facts behind the claims
Thousands of operations have been cancelled

Strike means thousands of operations will be cancelled

The UK government has confirmed non-emergency operations and medical procedures will be cancelled on Wednesday as a result of the public sector strike over pensions
Pastors are telling people with HIV not to take medication

Church claim that God can cure HIV causes six deaths

According to Sky News, evangelical pastors from four churches in the UK have told HIV positive members of their congregation to stop taking medication because God can cure their illness
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