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The contraceptive pill could be linked to prostate cancer

Contraceptive pill linked to prostate cancer increase

Researchers believe they may have found evidence which shows rising cases of prostate cancer has been caused by women taking the contraceptive pill
Scientists have made a major malaria discovery

Malaria vaccine hope after disease's weak spot is found

Scientists have detected a single molecule that the disease parasite uses to enter red blood cells, boosting hopes that a treatment could soon be developed
Opt-out organ donation laws are being considered

'Opt-out' organ donation laws could be imposed Wales

The legislation would be the first of its kind in the UK, which has some of Europe's lowest rates of organ donation
The health impacts of earthquakes are 'devestating'

Earthquakes' health impact worse than other disasters

Researchers in the US believe the health effects of earthquakes are "devastating" compared to other natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes
Colgate's Periogard mouthwash has been recalled

Colgate's Periogard mouthwash recalled in 11 countries

Fears over a bacterial contamination in the mouthwash has seen it removed from sale in countries in Europe and Australasia
The UK's first hand transplant could take place in a year

Hand transplant operation soon to take place in the UK

Surgeons are hoping they will find a suitable patient to carry out the UK's first hand transplant on within a year
Trials of a multi-cancer drug have started

Multi-cancer drug treatment trials begin in patients

Cancer Research UK has launched patient tests of a revolutionary new drug which can reportedly target a number of cancerous tumours

Movember to raise global awareness of prostate cancer

The start of November will see men from all over the world grow moustaches as part of a charity event to raise awareness of prostate cancer
P&G's Children's Safe Drinking Water Campaign

P&G's global community healthcare initiatives

Proctor & Gamble is one of the leading manufacturers of health, beauty and consumer goods and the company uses its success to improve the health of communities across the globe
Botox offered on daily deals website could be unsafe

Consumers must avoid Botox offers on daily deal sites

The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services has today warned Botox offers on group buying websites are illegal and dangerous
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