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The contraceptive pill lowers the risk of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer risk lowered by contraceptive pill

A Cancer Research UK study has found the risk of developing ovarian cancer is reduced by 45 percent in women who have been using the pill as a contraceptive measure for more than 10 years
Homosexuality is still illegal in 41 commonwealth nations

Gay decriminalisation to help tackle spread of HIV/AIDS

Health leaders are urging commonwealth countries to remove ancient British Empire laws that make homosexuality illegal, claiming it will help to reduce the spread of the disease
Scientists have found a new cancer modelling technique

Breast cancer modelling could help detect tumour spread

Scientists in the US believe they have found a new way to recognise lethal cancerous tumours
Women are more at risk of injury after a car crash

Women drivers more at risk of injury in car crashes

Research has found safety features in cars are designed to suit male drivers rather than females
Animal-human organ transplant trials expected in 2013

Animal-human organ transplant trials expected in 2013

Organs grown in genetically modified pigs could soon be used to treat a variety of human diseases
It's illegal for nurses to discuss euthanasia  with patients

Nurses face jail if they discuss assisted suicide

The Royal College of Nursing has issued guidelines prohibiting nurses from talking about Dignitas and assisted suicide with their patients
Patient safety needs to be protected

EU doctors need tougher tests to protect patient safety

A House of Lords committee say patient safety is being put at risk because EU rules allow medics to practice too freely across the continent
Cell phones are covered in harmful bacteria

Poo, E. coli and bacteria all found on mobile phones

It is thought a lack of hand washing has led to one in six cell phones being covered in germs and unhealthy bacteria
Gonorrhoea is becoming resistant to antibiotics

Gonorrhoea 'untreatable' after becoming drug resistant

Health experts are warning the sexually transmitted infection is becoming increasingly difficult to treat and could soon be incurable
The Co-operative Group is giving free flu jabs to staff

Co-op launches free flu vaccination programme for staff

The Co-operative Group is hoping to save £1 million in absenteeism costs by offering employees free flu vaccinations
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