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Antibiotic resistant salmonella has reached Europe

Antibiotic-resistant salmonella strain reaches Europe

Health authorities must act quickly to stop the imminent global spread of a new salmonella superbug, experts are warning
The Red Cross is an institution of charitable response

A global presence in the delivery of humanitarian aid

Having spent over 150 years helping communities survive disasters and strife, the Red Cross is firmly established as one of the key players in delivering healthcare aid across the world
Patients often disregard medical advice

Patient adherence - is it a problem?

One of the key players in successful healthcare administration is patient cooperation but if patients ignore advice it can cost the healthcare sector thousands
A bear chemical can treat heart conditions

Heart conditions could be treated with bear chemical

A chemical which is found in bear bile has been found to aid recovery after a heart attack
Music therapy can help beat depression

Music plays a key role in beating depression

A study in Finland has found music therapy sessions can help to alleviate the symptoms of depression
A super antibody can fight all influenza A strains

New discovery being dubbed as a 'super antibody'

Scientists from Switzerland and Britain have developed a jab which can fight all types of the influenza A virus
Amy Winehouse

Addiction centre planned in honour of Amy Winehouse

The late singer's father has said he is planning to set up a foundation to help people who are struggling with addiction
Britain is facing a condom shortage

Condom shortage in Britain prompts sexual health scare

Leading condom company Durex is in the midst of a legal dispute with one of its major suppliers
Hospital stays are riskier than flying

Hospital stays are more dangerous than flying - WHO

The World Health Organisation is claiming medical errors and infections make hospital stays incredibly risky

Bayer's new blood thinning drug passes safety tests

The pharmaceutical giant has said its Xarelto drug is effective in reducing the risk of strokes
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