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Patients will be able to rank their local GP surgeries

GP surgeries to be scored out of 10 by patients

It is hoped that when the scores of 8,000 doctors' surgeries are published online, it will encourage them to make implement changes to improve their services
There is hope for a universal pneumococcal vaccine

New hope for a universal pneumococcal vaccine

Recent research funded by Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) has revealed a new vaccine target for pneumococcal meningitis
Experts say the key is to promote the use of condoms

New cases of gonorrhoea up by a quarter in 2011

The increase has sparked concerns that the sexually transmitted infection is becoming untreatable
The progress of MS is not slowed by cannabis

Cannabis 'does not slow progress of multiple sclerosis'

That is the conclusion of a study that was carried out in the UK
A woman has died from rabies in the UK

UK rabies victim dies in hospital after dog bite

The woman, who was being treated at the London Hospital for Tropical Diseases, passed away at the weekend, it has been reported
Common painkillers can prevent skin cancer

Aspirin and ibuprofen can help prevent skin cancer

New research has suggested that common painkillers significantly reduce a person's risk of developing the disease
Retail staff will be trained to deal with dementia sufferers

Customer service staff to get dementia training

Staff from Tesco, Lloyds Group and E.ON will be involved in the scheme, which will train them on how to deal with and respond to dementia sufferers
Soon there could be a male contraceptive pill

Gene discovery could lead to contraceptive pill for men

Researchers in the UK have identified a gene which is vital in the production of healthy sperm
A patient is being treated for rabies in the UK

UK confirms rabies case following dog bite

A patient - thought to be a woman - is receiving hospital treatment for rabies in London, after being bitten by a dog in South Asia
A child receiving a polio vaccine. Copyright: WHO/P. Virot

WHO to launch polio emergency plan to eradicate disease

The World Health Organisation is hoping to wipe out the disease once and for all and put a stop to endemics in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan
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