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Patients relax if they listen to music during surgery

Listening to music during surgery helps patients relax

A study has revealed that as well as minimising their anxiety, music could even aid the healing process
A new treatment for osteoarthritis is on the horizon

New £1-a-day drug slows the effect of arthritis

A study has suggested the breakthrough treatment could reduce the need for hip and knee replacements
Patients in the UK will be first to use fingolimod

MS sufferers in UK to benefit from world's first drug

Thousands of patients in the UK living with multiple sclerosis will be offered the revolutionary new pill
Mundipharma will continue to invest in innovation

A new route to meeting patient needs and driving growth

An example of how one pharmaceutical company is focusing on innovation to put the needs of patients across the world first
There are calls to ban all-metal hip replacements

Experts call for metal hip replacements to be banned

Research has confirmed speculation that hip replacements involving metal-on-metal artificial joints have a high rate of failure
LSD could be successful in treating alcoholics

Alcoholics could be treated with hallucinogenic LSD

A study analysis has revealed that the 'trips' caused by LSD encourage people to reassess their drinking habits
A potential cure for arthritis has shown promise in trials

'Cure' for rheumatoid arthritis shows promise in trial

According to the results of early stage tests, the new medication is able to reduce the inflammation and pain that are commonly associated with the auto-immune disease

Schizophrenia symptoms treated with acne antibiotic

The surprising revelation has seen the National Institute for Health Research invest £1.9 million in a study which will commence in April
Combined HPV and smear tests are most effective

Combined HPV and smear test improves cervical screening

A study has found that the most effective way to screen for cervical cancer is to combine HPV and smear tests
Zelboraf has shown promise in trials

Zelboraf doubles survival time of skin cancer patients

An international study has revealed the potential of new skin cancer treatment Zelboraf, which is one of only a handful of melanoma drugs to reach the market in 13 years
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