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Autism can be deteced at six months, research finds

Brain scans can detect autism in babies at six months

A team of researchers in London have discovered that autism can be indentified in babies by simply analysing their brain activity
Heart attack deaths have reduced dramatically

Heart attack deaths halved in less than 10 years in UK

It is thought efforts to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle have been a great success
The OraQuick HIV 1/2 swab is incredibly effective

Oral HIV screening is as effective as HIV blood tests

The revolutionary 'OraQuick HIV 1/2' saliva swab test has an almost 100 percent success rate
Statins could help prevent and treat breast cancer

Cholesterol-lowering statins can help to treat cancer

Scientists have found that a daily dose of statins can help to prevent cancerous tumours from growing and spreading around the body
The female G-Spot might not exist

The G-spot in women might not exist, say scientists

A team of scientists have reviewed 100 medical studies from the past 60 years but could not find conclusive evidence of the G-spot's existence
The 4CMenB vaccine could be available in Spring

Vaccine for meningitis B will be available by Spring

It is hoped the new vaccine, which protects children and teenagers against meningitis B will be available for patient use in the Spring
An image from the Citroen 'Yes Men' advert

Citroen advert banned after causing epilepsy symptoms

The Advertising Standards Agency has banned Citroen's DS4 'Yes Men' advert after viewers complained it brought on symptoms of epilepsy and even caused epileptic fits
Sterimar Isotonic nasal spray

Sterimar Isotonic nasal spray recalled by MHRA

Fears over bacterial contamination has seen two batches the Sterimar Isotonic nose spray removed from sale
London 2012 Olympic stadium

Officials warning about London 2012 disease spread risk

Experts in public health have warned mass crowds, such as those that will be seen at the London 2012 Olympics, have the potential to start a disease epidemic
A chemical in cosmetics has been linked to breast cancer

Popular cosmetic chemical found in breast cancer tissue

Parabens are widely used in everyday toiletries such as deodorants and face creams and are also present in food stuffs
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