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Middle-aged surgeons are 'safer' research is claiming

Operations done by middle-aged surgeons are 'safest'

A French study is claiming surgeons who are aged 35-50-years-old carry out the safest medical procedures
Research finds people can literally die of a broken heart

Grief increases the risk of heart attacks by 21 times

The results of a study have given a new meaning to the phrase 'died of a broken heart'
GSK's Corporate HQ

GSK seeking approval of lung drug Relovair by mid-2012

Following promising clinical trials of the new medication, GlaxoSmithKline is keen to gain regulatory approval for Relovair later this year
A new morgue in the UK can cater for the obese

UK to open 'obese morgue' with slabs that can hold 50st

It seems even morgues are struggling to cope with the ever increasing obesity epidemic, as the new £5 million development in Gloucestershire shows
A hepatitis C vaccine is a possibility

Hepatitis C vaccine performs well in clinical trials

There is hope a new vaccine for hepatitis C could soon be on the way after it showed "promising" results in a recent clinical study
The cats glow green under UV light

Glow-in-the-dark cats used in vital AIDS research

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in America are using fluorescent green felines in their search for a cure for HIV/AIDS
Artificial blood could be available within a decade

Artificial stem cell blood available in 10 years

Scientists are aiming to eradicate global blood shortages by using artificial blood during organ transplants
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Season's Greetings to all our readers from the team at Healthcare Global
Maggots make effective wound cleaners

Maggots can effectively clean hard-to-heal wounds

A study has found the wriggly insects can clean big wounds faster than doctors and more conventional methods can
Silicone gel breast implants

France recalls 30,000 breast implants amid cancer fears

Approximately 30,000 French women have been advised by authorities to have their silicone breast implants removed over concerns they could be linked to cancer
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