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Condom shortage in Britain prompts sexual health scare

Leading condom company Durex is in the midst of a legal dispute with one of its major suppliers
 Britain is facing a condom shortage

Health experts are warning that Britain could suffer from a sharp increase in sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies following a shortage of condoms.

Durex, one of the world’s leading condom brands, is at the moment involved in a legal quarrel with TTK Lig, one of its key suppliers.

The NHS has now voiced concerns that the supply of condoms will be “disrupted”, which could prompt people to engage in unprotected sex.


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It is thought TTK, who manufactures over half of Durex condoms, has stopped supplying the company after a price and distribution disagreement with Reckitt Benckiser, the owner of Durex.

Although Durex launched a High Court effort to force TTK to restart production and continue with its supply of condoms, the bid failed.

Health officials are now fearful that the safe sex message could be jeopardised if the shortage continues.

Dr Malcolm Vandenburg, a sexual health expert, said in a media interview: “The fear is that if there is a shortage, young people will begin to have unprotected sex.

“Once they get used to doing this may continue not to use condoms even when the supply is back to

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Durex, which is responsible for approximately 40 percent of the global condom market, said the company is “actively managing the situation to mitigate any damage.”

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