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France recalls 30,000 breast implants amid cancer fears

Approximately 30,000 French women have been advised by authorities to have their silicone breast implants removed over concerns they could be linked to cancer
 Silicone gel breast implants

30,000 silicone breast implants have been recalled in France over concerns that they could be linked to cancer.

French authorities are advising women who received the implants which were supplied by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) to have them removed.

The recall comes as eight suspicious cases of cancer, including five cases of breast cancer, have been linked to the PIP implants which were banned last year.

It is suspected that PIP, which was also shutdown in 2010, used a cheaper silicone gel to make the implants which had not been authorised for medical use.

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In fact, the silicone gel by PIP was more suited for use in the computer and electronics industry as opposed to the health and medical sector.

A 2010 study which was conducted by the French Society of Plastics revealed that the silicone implants had an unusually high ‘rupture rate.’

The news was initially reported by French newspaper Liberation.

While talking to the newspaper about the recall, Dr Laurent Lantieri, a plastic surgeon who is part of a special committee put together by the French government to deal with the issue, said: “We have to remove all these implants.

“We're facing a health crisis, linked to a fraud. All women who have PIP implants should return to see their surgeons urgently.”

Meanwhile, Valerie Pecresse, a spokesperson for the French government, also told Liberation: “We must first proceed by identifying the women who had these implants and who are potentially in danger.

 “It is urgent for all women who have PIP implants to return to see their surgeons.”

A criminal investigation has been launched by police in France after 2,000 complaints from women with the implants.

Fellow French newspaper Le Monde is also reporting that 523 women have had the implants removed since the safety of the PIP products was called into question.

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