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Outsouring design can lead to huge benefits

Outsourcing innovation in healthcare

Healthcare Global investigates the benefits of outsourcing to a design consultancy, something that healthcare companies can be unwilling to try
E-health is bringing with it new opportunities

E-health gives new lease of life to pharmaceutical industry

The era of blockbuster drugs is coming to an end and a new model for the life sciences industry is starting to evolve, bringing new opportunities in areas such as e-health
MHRA has issued warnings over fake digital thermometers

MHRA seizes fake thermometers over meningitis concerns

Parents have been warned about imitation digital thermometers after 400 were obtained by authorities in England
Rollout of the 111 non-emergency line has been delayed

Rollout of new NHS non-emergency line '111' is delayed

The Department of Health in the UK has confirmed that the new '111' non-emergency phone number will not launch in April 2013, going live in October 2013 instead
A girl has received a vein grown from her own stem cells

Girl receives major vein made with her own stem cells

The transplant, which took place in Sweden, is the first of its kind in the world to be carried out
Michael J. Fox Foundation's Fox Trial Finder

Michael J. Fox Foundation expands Fox Trial Finder

It's after a survey found that patients with Parkinson's disease wanted to be able to find out more information about clinical trials on the illness
The dental prosthetics market is sensitive to trends

Latest trends in the European dental prosthetics industry

The dynamic market for dental prosthetics and CAD/CAM devices continues to exhibit growth across the continent
Protomed's Biodose Telepak®

Telehealth: The future of compliance for in-home care?

We look at one innovative solution that is helping to reduce readmissions to hospital by increasing patient compliance
The LVAD is designed to treat heart-failure long term

INTRODUCING: The LifeFlow Left Ventricular Assist Device

Developed in America by a British scientist, the LVAD is designed to treat heart-failure on a long term basis
RoActemra is good for RA patients that can't take MTX

Rheumatoid arthritis patients given new treatment hope

Almost four times as many RA patients unable to take methotrexate achieve disease remission with RoActemra® compared to humira
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