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NHS Direct is the foundation of digital remote care

NHS Direct is the foundation of digital remote care

InferMed's latest Arezzo technology is being used to transform the NHS Direct health and symptom checker service
The new vaccine is made from a patient's own tumour

Vaccine made from brain tumours extends patients' lives

A trial has found the personalised brain cancer treatment is able to add 12 months to the lives of patients with brain tumours
Depression could be diagnosed with a blood test

Blood test successfully diagnoses depression in teens

The test works by identifying genetic biomarkers in the blood and it is also capable of diagnosing anxiety disorders
Eye tests could soon be used to diagnose heart disease

30 second eye test could help prevent heart attacks

A study has been launched to investigate the latest claim, which suggests thousands of lives could be saved every year
The new plasma flashlight can destroy germs

New plasma flashlight can kill bacteria and germs

It is thought the revolutionary device would be a great aid to emergency health workers operating in war zones or disaster struck areas
Technology is becoming a driving force in healthcare

Technology's influence in the healthcare industry

An investigation into how healthcare practices are changing in the face of the digital age
The demand for electronic medical records will increase

EMRs help to keep costs down, say struggling hospitals

A new report has predicted the demand for electronic medical records will increase hugely in the coming years
New Zealand has world-leading healthcare services

New Zealand's world-leading 'health informatics'

New Zealand's size and dispersed population have led to innovative uses of technology, acting as a pilot market for broader application into larger European markets
SMS for Life and SMS for Health are a great success

How a simple text message can help manage malaria

The SMS for Life and SMS for Health projects have been incredibly successful in helping countries in Africa to effectively control the distribution of anti-malarial drugs
The new technology can translate sign language

New technology translates sign language into text

A team of researchers from Scotland are hoping their new creation will revolutionise the way deaf people communicate
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