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The new test screens for arterial stiffness

New screening test can identify heart attack risk

The innovative new device screens for and indentifies cases of arterial stiffness, one of the main causes of heart attacks and strokes
The smart pills will arrive in Britain in September

New 'smart pills' remind patients to take medication

The tablets contain an edible microchip and it is hoped they could be on sale in the UK within the next few months
A new spray can detect throat cancer

Throat cancer detected with new fluorescent spray

It is hoped the innovative new throat spray will help doctors to diagnose cases of oesophageal cancer earlier
Internet addiction is similar to substance addiction

Internet addiction the same as drink or drug dependency

Research has found that people who are addicted to the internet have similar changes in their brain to those that occur in drink or drug addicts
Restricted embryo growth can indicate miscarriage risk

Miscarriages 'predicted' by restricted embryo growth

A recent study has found the rate at which embryos grow during the initial stages of pregnancy is linked to their risk of miscarriage
A new radioactive cream can cure skin cancer

New cream can cure cases of skin cancer without surgery

Patient trials of the radioactive paint have had a promising success rate of 95 percent
Babies born from frozen embryos are 'healthier'

Babies born from frozen embryos are healthier

New research is claiming that IVF treatments that use frozen embryos instead of fresh ones lead to longer pregnancies and healthier babies
Artificial sperm has been produced in a laboratory

Sperm grown in laboratory in fertility breakthrough

In a world's first, scientists have successfully grown mouse sperm in a lab dish and are now hoping they would be able to produce human sperm too
More women are seeking a designer vagina

Porn fuels increasing demand for 'designer vaginas'

Experts believe women seeking genital cosmetic surgery solely for aesthetic reasons should not be referred to national health services
The Lumineyes treatment can turn brown eyes blue

New Lumineyes treatment can turn brown eyes blue

A doctor in the US is claiming a laser treatment he has developed can permanently change eyes from being brown to blue in less than a minute
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