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Zuid Afrikaans Hospital: One of South Africa's leading private hospitals

Boasting 380 employees to a total patient capacity of 140, the impressive patient to nursing staff ratio is one of the reasons the Zuid Afrikaans Hospital has become one of South Africa's leading private healthcare facilities.

Ted LeNeave, President and CEO of American Healthcare, LLC, Reveals the Secrets to Providing Passionate, Quality Care with Healthcare Global

In an interview with Healthcare Global, Ted LeNeave, President and CEO of American Healthcare, LLC discusses how the company crafts business solutions in the growing healthcare industry.

Rashid Pharmacy: Innovative Quality Customer Care

In a report in Healthcare Global, Joe Rashid outlines the business practices and efficient technology that has enabled his pharmacy to grow and thrive in the Iowa area.

Western NSW Local Health District Delivers Healthcare to Patients Across Vast Distances with Technological Advancements

Across an area the size of Britain, Western New South Wales Local Health District brings healthcare to 260,000 people in regional cities, rural towns and remote locations.
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