Watson Pharmaceuticals provides strong 4Q results

Not every company is feeling the economic pinch.
Not every company is feeling the economic pinch. Watson Pharmaceuticals, a leading generic and branded pharmaceutical company, recently reported its financial results for the fourth quarter in 2008 and the entire fiscal year as well. The results were quite positive.

The company posted $645.2 billion revenue for the fourth quarter which is up three percent from the fourth quarter in 2007. For the entire fiscal year the company posted revenue of $2.54 billion. This number is up from $2.50 billion from the prior year. For the year and the fourth quarter, the company's most significant jump came in the branded segment. They increased nine percent to $102.3 million in the fourth quarter and by six percent for the entire year to $397 million.

"While we made significant progress on each of our initiatives and in each of our divisions, the biggest news of 2008 came from the Brand division where we received first cycle approvals on two new products and had one new NDA accepted by the FDA, putting us in the unique position to potentially introduce three new brand products in 2009 to treat the top three conditions in urology -- a specialty focus for Watson," Paul Bisaro, President and Chief Executive Officer of Watson, says in a company press release.

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