Written by: Adrian Contreras, AMID

Produced by: Lucy Verde, Director of Projects for WDM Group-LATAM


We in AMID, we are committed to work for the Mexican health by providing access to our products and continuously working with all public and private actors that converge in health care.

In short, AMID seeks to improve health by promoting the economy.

AMID proposes:

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• For the health sector simplify access to innovative technologies, closing the gap in quality of care.

• On the fiscal encourage investment in the development of innovative medical devices and improve transparency in the procurement process.

• To build the economic development policies that boost competitiveness to tap the potential exporter and importer of Mexico.


Figures on the contribution of members of AMID in health and economic terms listed:

• Our products cover more than 75 medical specialties.

• We have over 7000 100 medical records and more than 310 000 related products.

• Between 2013 and 2018 we will add more than a thousand 400 throws.

• In Mexico we have 30 production plants and reached more than 10 billion dollars in sales.

• Provide annual training to more than 25 000 health professionals.

• Gather together the 83.8% of imported products to Mexico putting in place 16; and on the 9th place in terms of exports in 2013.

• Generate 134 thousand formal jobs in manufacturing plants and in training and marketing.

• Invest 138 billion dollars in research globally.

• Generate royalty payments made to the State 90% of the procedures for health records.

• Perform from 55% to 70% of pay rights to health products.

• Our experience supports us with over 90 years operating in Mexico and over 175 years in the world.

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