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 13 national congresses

 A joint congress with (ISBT)

 Transfusion Medicine “Working Days”. All celebrated within the Mexican territory, with an average attendance of 1200 people including members from Central and South America.

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 Monthly academic sessions each second Thursday of the month, also with virtual assistance.

 Four Transfusion Medicine Diplomat.

 One Aphaeresis Diplomat.

 Contact with experts with aims of academic support for diverse courses, diplomats and other academic events


 Memories of congresses

 Cuatrimestral magazine

 2007 elaboration, of “Guides for Clinical Use of Blood”, available for free in the web page

 August of 2011. Edition of the book “Immunohematology (Recommendations of Experts of the Mexican Association of Transfusion Medicine AC)”.

 2012, publishing AMMTAC editors of the book “Transfusion Medicine 10 years” 52 chapters of transfusion medicine topics,

 2013, publishing AMMTAC editors of the book “Blood Fractionation”.


 Web page, with compatible platform with movable devices, Facebook page and Twitter page. Publication in Web and Facebook of links to promote national and international consultation and advanced training courses of scientific material and laws of application for Blood Banks

 First child and youth drawing contest  “Importance of Blood Donation”


 Institutional member of (WAA) the World Aphaeresis Association

 Institutional member of the Iberoamerican Cooperative Group of Transfusion Medicine (GCIAMT).

 Active Participation in the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT)

 Active Participation within the advice of the Mexican Pharmacopeia.

 Active Participation in the Mexican Accreditation Organization (EMA)

 Active Participation in National Medicine Academy

 Integration like Civil Association within Mexican Health Secretary


 Discounts in publication purchase and participation of academic activities

 Obtaining of certainties with aims of certification or accreditation.


 Consultant's office of expert scientists in the elaboration of the NOM-253-SSA1-2012, Official Mexican Norm For the Disposition of Human Blood and its Components with Therapeutic Aims.


 Promotion of blood transfusion security through promotion of the voluntary donation repetition 2,7 percent Is the present number of voluntary donation in Mexico among the general population.

 Service to the community and promotion of blood transfusion security. - Requirements, and explanatory video of the blood donation as well as addresses (including location maps) and telephones of the blood donation points of the Mexicana Republic.

 In progress 2ndo Child and youth drawing contest “Importance of Blood Donation”

 XII National Congress celebrated this past September 2014, in Veracruz, with the assistance of 1267 people between congressmen, teachers, chaperones and commercial exhibitors. It also took place the 2nd children's drawing contest.

 13-16 May 2015 - XIII National Congress join with ISFA congress. Cancun, Mexico.


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