Has an important role as a valid, recognized and authorized representative by the government and private entities on issues in the regulatory, tax, labor, customs, trade and other economic issues, on behalf of its partners in the cosmetic and personal care industry.


The Committee currently chairs the Andean Cosmetics Industry Council (CEANIC), and is member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), and the Council of Associations of Latin American Cosmetics Industry (CASIC).



The COPECOH's main achievements are:

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Through the support of Chambers and Industry Associations in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, achieved the pact and consolidation of industry as part of the Pacific Partnership. The agreement provides tariff issues / customs and non-tariff proposal for cosmetic and personal care sector from the 4 countries, with the commitment to promote a common vision with the respective governments.




Actively participates in meetings with the authorities, revealing the impact of national and international laws to which you subscribe our country, enriching the perspective of the authorities.




    FIBELLA is the biggest business and contacts platform in the country on this field, bringing together all those interested in the latest news, trends, treatments and styles in the world of beauty and cosmetics, and allows companies to engage with consumers to offer new products, services and quality.


    FIBELLA is every two years, and is currently preparing the third edition: 2014, hoping to count on more than 40 thousand visitors, 210 stands and over 170 companies.







    COPECOH develop a Business Intelligence Report, using a special methodology to contrast the market results of the public sector with information on the main companies in the sector, which positions us as a leader in Peru, providing our customers accurate information for making decisions.


    The report includes: macroeconomic analysis, analysis of the current market situation and special reports as studies on the perception of consumers about organic and natural products, top of mind, among others.


    COPECOH has Semiannual and annual reports, which are for sale with special discounts for its members.





    COPECOH develops trainings and meetings, in order to support its partners in the proper handling of supranational and national regulations, facilitating the development and interaction working with regulatory authorities as appropriate in the cosmetic and personal care field.



    COPECOH prospect to implement more projects, as "Look Good, Feel Better", which has the objective of helping women with cancer, in quest of help them to recover the attitude, through workshops and facial makeup, as well as psychologic

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