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Laboratorio Medico Polanco

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Continuous Improvement During More Than Three Decades

The 35-plus year venture of Laboratorio Medico Polanco has achieved significant milestones, offering more and better services to a growing number of patients while incorporating the latest technology. These feats include:

1.         Introducing a new model into Mexico’s health industry by introducing their Check-ups prevention program.

2.         Progressive growth in the last 20 years through franchising and investment, taking LMP from two locations in 1990 to 45 in 2014.

3.         Becoming part of the ENESA group, which is comprised of private capital funds focusing in the energy and health industries in Mexico and Latin America. This transaction strengthened LMP’s leadership in the sector.

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4.         The clinical pathology division’s quality level is to be certified during 2015 (in process).


More Than a Regular Lab

“Profitability and quality are our cornerstones. We are not afraid to invest in research,” said COO Iñigo Gutierrez after listing other medical evaluation procedures as part of their services: X-Ray, MRI, 3D ultrasound, clinical analysis, tomography, endoscopy and colposcopy, among others.

LMP’s venture in medical imaging became the country’s largest network in this specialty for private practice after opening an image interpretation center in 2012, equipped with the latest technology for image transmission to provide accurate readings by the lab’s experts.

One year later, the new clinical pathology unit opened in Mexico City, featuring state-of-the-art medical equipment able to reach high volumes for evaluation processing.


Serving the Corporate Sector

LMP’s successful engagements with the corporate sector are undoubtedly related to three important actions which bring the laboratory’s services to compliance with global standards:

•           20 procedures have been certified under ISO 9001:2008 guidelines.

•           Significant investments in top-of-the-line equipment.

•           Constant evaluation and training for laboratory professionals.

“We have a complete staff servicing this clientele, which are subject to regular discounts and also host events to which we bring our mobile units,” Gutierrez said.


Supply Chain

Laboratorio Medico Polanco has nurtured very solid relationships with all of their suppliers, thus creating long-term partnerships. At the same time, LMP is one of the most important domestic clients -aside from public health institutions- for these companies. 

“Our main supplier for imaging delivers both image transmission equipment as well as X-ray film. And for clinical pathology supplies, we rely on different companies, mainly for tech upgrades and reagents for sample processing,” Gutierrez said.


Predictions for 2015

LMP looks forward to opening 10 new locations during the next year, six in Mexico City and four in the vicinity, reaching a total of 55 labs toward late-2015.

            Being part of the ENESA group along with projected growth stability has allowed LMP’s upper management to foresee the opening of new locations in Mexico’s main cities by 2020, which could result in a threefold increase in operations, a goal which could easily be accomplished during the next five years.

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