Carpentier had technical training as a clinical pharmacist then concluded his diploma in business and has an MBA.

His management experience and dynamism are the result to his 20-year career tied to the cosmetics industry, aside from working in multinational companies, direct sales, in the field of logistics and in the regional and international marketing area.

Jose Carpentier joined the Petrizzio family in July 2012 and since then his defined business vision has been to enhance products, marketing and the ability to deliver innovative products in line with trends.

Strategic Management

"We're always trying to reinforce the differentiation strategy, with innovative and attractive proposals in our products to reach consumers," says Carpentier.

As part of their strategy to reach consumers in the best way, they have agreements with retail companies and their suppliers.

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Among the business improvements is to strengthen the delivery time of service associated with the product, adding new lines of cosmetics and increasing their sales force and consultants.


The company has retained a prominent force in the commercial business of makeup and fragrances. Their plant, built in 2008-09, is synonymous of growth, with GMB certification, PR implements and SAP systems. Products are made by qualified laboratories and produced by the staff development department.


The category of skin care is looking to offer the customer a healthier skin, without aging and also protected from the environment with innovative ingredients.

Responsible Programs

In regards to sustainability, the company incorporates friendlier ingredients for the protection of the environment. "That's obviously something that is going to take quite some time but we are working on it," he adds.

The company takes a joint effort with the Cosmetics Chamber in Chile to participate in more social responsibility programs.

Petrizzio’s Talent

As a company dedicated to women, their workforce is composed mainly of female employees in their various departments, awarding them for their contribution to society and the success of the company.

"We are increasing the knowledge of the young people we hire, with professional training related to trade, marketing and production," says Carpentier.

2014 Expansions

Laboratorio Petrizzio has maintained a leading position thanks to its strong power in the industry.

During festivities, Carpentier mentions: "We are a strong option for gifts, we want our customers to feel very proud to give a Petrizzio and in general, we seek to continue to grow through our brands in our domestic market."

Their domain in Chile retains much coverage, ranking in major national distribution channels and reaching sales levels over 50 percent in Provincia.

In coming years they seek to address the export market in Latin America and in countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, among others.

Competitive developments

"We seek differentiation," says the general manager, since Petrizzio’s goal is to have the highest quality standards to leave a mark in the industry and become more competitive with product innovation.

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