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Teva Pharmaceuticals Mexico

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Since January 22, 2004, SICOR became Teva’s affiliate. This acquisition brought together two top-level generic drug producers, combining Teva’s success at marketing oral ingested products, and Sicor’s leadership in injections. Also, the synergy between SICOR’s pharmaceuticals and biogeneric drug production increased the line of offered products for the company.

Later, on January 26, 2006, acquisition of the IVAX Corporation was completed. IVAX conducts research, development, production and marketing for branded generics and veterinary products in the United States and abroad. IVAX brought along its strong presence in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as other business endeavors in North America and the rest of Europe. Other product lines carried by IVAX include generic drugs for the respiratory system and products under development for oncology and CNS treatments. The affiliation of both companies brought a wider product portfolio, thus improving the cost-effect outcome both for generics as well as in branded products.

In 2011, Teva bought Theramex, an European company run by Merck KGaA specialized in women’s health, which broadened Teva’s reach into gynecological products, which are available in more than 50 countries.

Teva’s activity in Japan increased after the acquisitions of Tayio and KOWA, in July and September 2011, respectively, reinforcing the company’s presence in the Asian country’s generics market.

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Previously on May 2011, Cephalon was acquired along with its worldwide affiliates. The transaction brought a long-term strategy for Teva to grow its farmacopea both with branded products as well as with pharmaceutical specialties.

A joint venture between Teva and Procter & Gamble back in September 2011 created PGT Healthcare, a global company focused in developing the best non-prescription brand medicine.

Until now, Teva’s shares trade high in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and it is also one of Israel’s largest spreads in NASDAQ. Teva’s stocks are also traded in London’s SEAQ and in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.



Research and Development

Innovation and thriving for improvement in the generic drugs field is now part of the company’s DNA and everyday chores. During the last few years, Teva launched new treatments for diseases such as Parkinson’s and multiple-sclerosis; and the optimization of a formula for the treatment of osteoporosis is a current goal. One of the company’s most important concerns is product quality.

            Also, TP Mexico offers treatment and therapy for most common diseases, their generics catalogue includes more than 220 entries in 185 assorted pharmaceuticals, presented in different formulations.   



Projections for Growth

Generic drugs produced at Teva’s two facilities in Mexico, and their commercialization brought more than $100 million in revenue. Starting on 2015, the company is seeking a 10 percent yearly growth, mainly from new product manufacturing in their Lerma plant, near Toluca, capital of the State of Mexico.


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