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William Smith|Sep 15, 2020|magazine

4 min read

Asparia’s chatbot for patient communication automation

Read NowSaratoga, California-based healthcare technology company Asparia offers a chatbot to automate communication between patients and healthcare deliverers

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UK to deploy 90-minute rapid COVID-19 tests

The UK government has announced it is to deliver “millions” of rapid coronavirus tests in the UK, in order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19

William Smith
|Aug 04, 2020|magazine

4 min read

Lemonaid Health’s telehealth platform for remote healthcare

San Francisco, California-based Lemonaid Health provides telemedicine services and prescription drug delivery in the US

William Smith
|Aug 03, 2020|magazine

4 min read

Heal’s telemedicine attracts $100mn investment from Humana

Heal is a Los Angeles, California-based house call and telemedicine primary care provider

William Smith
|Aug 02, 2020|magazine

4 min read

Top 10 countries worst affected by COVID-19

While having a devastating impact globally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has hit some countries more than other

William Smith
|Jul 31, 2020|magazine

1 min read

Sema4’s data analysis health intelligence platform

Sema4 is a Stamford, Connecticut-based healthcare intelligence company, using data analysis to help improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease

William Smith
|Jul 30, 2020|magazine

4 min read

Geltor’s tailored protein biodesign platform

Geltor is a San Leandro, California-based “biodesign” company, making animal-free proteins for consumer products

William Smith
|Jul 29, 2020|magazine

5 min read

Ro: the startup’s technological approach to telehealth

Ro is a New York-based healthcare technology company operating in areas from telemedicine to remote diagnosis

William Smith
|Jul 28, 2020|magazine

4 min read

Somatus’ kidney care services and technology platform

Somatus is a McLean, Virginia-based kidney care organisation, operating a technology platform to predict disease and other ends

William Smith
|Jul 27, 2020|magazine

4 min read

Cyclica’s AI-powered, decentralised drug discovery platforms

Cyclica is a Toronto, Canada-based biotechnology company using AI to aid in the process of drug discovery

William Smith
|Jul 26, 2020|magazine

4 min read

Cybersecurity: in healthcare, encryption Is not enough

End-to-end encryption technology is not enough to meet the high standards healthcare requires. Instead, authentication is the key

William Smith
|Jul 25, 2020|magazine

13 min read


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