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Austria is set to finance Iran’s developing nuclear hospital

Middle east healthcare (Getty Images)

It has recently been reported that Austria is set to significant financial investment in the construction of Iran’s first nuclear hospital.

Upon the €1 billion signing with Austria's Oberbank, it will now provide US$248mn to the project, where the new facility will house up to a thousand beds and enable the region to further cater to patients in the need of nuclear medicines or treatment.

“One of the most important stages of getting the project underway was its financial aspect. The hospital needs €200 million worth of equipment, which is being provided by the Austrian banks,” Iran's Spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi explained.

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Upon the signing of an MoU with the health ministry, the development of the hospital will be one of the largest of its kind in the Middle East and will provide world-class radiotherapy services. Installing essential diagnosis and technologies to support patient recovery from a number of diseases.

The hospital will join the 150 nuclear medicine facilities across the Middle East, such as The nuclear medicine centre at Namazi Hospital in Shiraz, Fars Province, where new methods and treatments to support patient recovery are being explored.

"Plans have been developed to turn the Islamic Republic of Iran into a radiopharmaceutical manufacturing hub in the Middle East with the lifting of the sanctions,” Mehdi Pirsalehi, Head of The Health Ministry’s Drugs Supervision Office said.

Once completed, Austria will receive payments from the hospital’s revenue stream.