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GP surgeries to open in Morrisons supermarkets

Supermarket chain Morrisons is going to open GP surgeries in-store

UK supermarket giant Morrisons is considering opening GP surgeries within its stores, following a similar move of fellow supermarket brand Sainbury’s.

Although the chain has said a timescale for the project is currently undecided, it has said it is seriously considering integrating healthcare into its services.

This comes after Sainsbury’s introduced GP surgeries to stores in 2008 after offering free space in their stores for GPs to practice.


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However, a spokesperson for Morrisons indicated it might charge GPs if they set up a practice in one of its stores: “We are looking at the provision of GP services in the store environment, but potentially looking at a different model to the one Sainsbury’s is GP.”

In June Sainsbury’s announced plans for six more doctors surgeries to be opened in its UK stores to accompany the two it currently has in Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

The other popular UK supermarkets of Asda, Tesco and Waitrose said they were not planning to pursue the in-store healthcare route.  

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