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Raymond Lowe on digital transformation in healthcare

Raymond Lowe, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at AltaMed Health Services, discusses clinical system transformation and remote working

Raymond Lowe
AltaMed Health Services

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Raymond Lowe, a native of Los Angeles, is passionate about working in healthcare and enjoys supporting underserved communities. He has two engineering degrees from the University of Southern California, and has worked for a number of large healthcare providers. At Kaiser Permanente as a market CIO, he oversaw three hospitals. After nine years there he joined Providence Health Services, overseeing five hospitals in Southern California. Then he became Senior Director of Enterprise Clinical Implementation at Dignity Health, an organization with 41 hospitals, before joining AltaMed in January 2018. 

As a leader, Lowe likes to create an environment of continuous learning where employees are intellectually stimulated and decisions are made collectively. He values integrity, and prefers people to highlight problems rather than hide them, turning them into an opportunity rather than a negative issue. His approach to working with financial stakeholders when embarking on a new initiative is to provide a clear brief, including the benefits, the total cost analysis and defining the impact to the overall organization. 

He says a common mistake leaders make is not being self-reflective or self-aware. "They don't understand their behaviour and the effect they may have on peers or their staff, and sometimes they don't continue to develop themselves. It's really important that you hold a mirror to yourself and look at what effect your leadership is having on others," he says, adding, “The worst leaders will bulldoze ahead, making mistakes that they don't look back at to correct.” 

Lowe says people are the most important asset of an organization. Training is key, as well as hiring the best-skilled people available, and he frequently has staff "buddy" up to learn from each other. "The challenge is bringing old and new cultures together, making sure there's teamwork, that people help each other and that we don't create silos. People must feel valued." 



“The worst leaders will bulldoze ahead, making mistakes that they don't look back at to correct.”

Raymond Lowe | AltaMed Health Services

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