Serge Perras


“We're looking to be proactive with technology and actually take care of patients before they get sick, not after; and improve their lives. That's the ultimate goal at ChenMed.” In his role as CTO at ChenMed, Serge Perras drives the organization's application development, and end-user experience so technologies consistently empower the doctors delivering VIP service with the personalized and high-touch primary care seniors need to truly enjoy better health.

“Typically, in the fee-for-service model, found across the U.S., medical care is all about how many services can be offered, incentivizing care organizations to look for billable opportunities rather than trying to actually improve care,” says Perras. “The model is outdated and broken because rewards are highest when patients are sick. In stark contrast, ChenMed is an at-risk medical practice where we benefit financially when our patients stay healthy.”

Perras and his team focus on designing technologies that yield competitive advantages to doctors providing superior service, detecting and managing high-risk diseases, and reducing hospital sick days. “My team use analytics to help primary care doctors keep improving the amount of time they spend with patients in face-to-face, high value interaction. ChenMed doctors annually invest more than 210 minutes face-to-face with their patients, and this is 10 times more than the national average for family doctors (just 21 minutes of face-to-face time yearly). We created and keep enhancing our own electronic medical records (EMR) system to streamline physician documentation; and to enhance physician decision-making for each patient.”

Perras notes that ChenMed’s servant leadership approach means it is his duty to empower his team and make sure they have everything they need. “Like Steve Jobs once said: ‘We don't hire smart people and tell them what to do. We hire smart people for them to tell us what to do’. And I really believe we are successful because we nurture winning synergies between the team and each individual contributor.”

Perras says he focuses on growing abilities across his team. ChenMed is a hyper-growth and agile organization, so objectives are set and we are given the autonomy to get things done using our shared values of love, accountability and passion. 

A background in consulting gives Perras the firefighting skills to problem solve. And, at ChenMed, he stays resolutely focused on helping doctors improve outcomes for underserved seniors.



During encounters with patients we’re seeing data as a way of adding diagnosis to provide better decision support for our physicians.

Serge Perras | ChenMed

“For me, ChenMed was an epiphany in the healthcare space. Our everyone wins approach to advancing mission sharpens the alignment of both organization and individual contributor goals. We all are about improving patient health and satisfaction for at-risk elderly populations across America,” maintains Perras. “I love the fact that we are giving back to society, the planet and future generations.” 

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