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Former Eli Lily exec Alex Azar rumoured to be selected for HHS secretary post

Alex Azar

It has been reported that President Donald Trump is set to appoint former Eli Lily exec Alex Azar to lead the US Department of Health (DoH) and Human Services.

Serving as President of Lilly USA LLC from 2012 up to the beginning of 2017 and producing over $8.5bn in revenue, Azar has extensive experience in governmental affairs surrounding the US healthcare sector in both the public and private sector.

Additionally, for two years he has worked as Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), under President Bush, but has also gained in-depth knowledge and international experience surrounding the pharmaceutical and medical field throughout his career.

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A lawyer by training, Azar is a strong candidate for the role, where he would be responsible for the transformation of the US’ healthcare systems following Trump’s dismantling of Obamacare and ambitions to try and revise the terms surrounding the Affordable Care Act for US citizens. He would take over from previous secretary Tom Price’s resignation.

George W. Bush’s HHS secretary Michael Leavitt informed Bloomberg: “He understands health care, he understands the regulatory process, and he’s skilled in his management. He’d be an able pilot.”

Azar’s knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry will prove vital surrounding the delivery of healthcare for US citizens, the pricing of branded and non-prescription drugs and how the industry is set to transform its service delivery in the face of rising competition and the digitisation of traditional processes.

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