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Amazon is reportedly in talks with healthcare startup Xealth

CNBC has revealed that Amazon is set to partner with digital prescribing and analytics company Xealth, as well as the hospital networks at Seattle's Providence Health Systems and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in a new pilot programme.

As Amazon continues to look at ways to transform the pharmaceutical business and lower the costs of drugs and medical equipment, following on from its acquisition of PillPack, the duo will enable doctors to provide essential medical products to patients prior to discharge, and get them delivered to their homes to ensure a seamless, patient centered healthcare delivery.

Established by a number of entrepreneurs, Xealth are keen to revolutionise healthcare across the US, with the long-term aim for healthcare professionals to provide digital healthcare services and make healthcare affordable and accessible to all, improving both client care and the doctor-patient relationship.

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The company has now raised up to $8mn in funding from venture investors.

Through the partnership, patients will be able to access essential medical supplies through Amazon’s Prime service, unlocking further business growth. Those without Prime membership will also be able to access the pilot scheme through other e-commerce providers, CNBC has stated.

However, prescription medicines are an area which is set to evolve, as a more complex regulatory process will need to be undertaken, which will link with Amazon’s collaboration with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan.

The programme will be embraced by a global ageing population, where demands for home care services continue to rise, particularly for those with long-term conditions. It will also become popular with millennials, who have become accustomed to ordering and receiving items at the click of a button, where customers’ expectations continue to transform through digitisation.