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Merck chooses London for its new HQ

Despite the uncertainties surrounding Brexit, Merck is set to open its new headquarters in London, bringing over 100 new jobs to the capital.

“We believe London to be a unique bioscience centre of excellence and a key component of the established golden triangle for academic science of London-Oxford-Cambridge,” commented Louise Houson, Managing Director for Merck in the UK and Ireland.

Business Secretary Greg Clark has said: “We are an open, flexible economy, built on trade and engagement with the world.

We have a competitive business environment with a deserved reputation for being a dependable and confident place to do business, thanks to our high standards, respected institutions and a reliable rule of law.”

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With 150 new researchers, Merck is set to extend its clinical presence within Europe through the move from Hertfordshire to London. In addition to encompassing over 500 new staff in various roles, the move will see the pharmaceutical giant further its operations across Europe.

Life sciences is one sector the UK government is looking at with increased interest through its Industrial Strategy. Other sectors include AI, construction and the automotive sector. Such investments will therefore see the UK retain its position as a centre of excellence within the healthcare and research industry upon its upheaval from the European Union.

The paper signifies the UK’s long-term ambitions within research and development and will provide vital economic growth.

“The investment presents a major opportunity for us to work in collaboration with the UK government to build on the forward thinking and ambitious industrial strategy white paper being published," added Houson.