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The Dubai Health Authority aims to build healthcare partnerships with Sweden

Dubai Health Authority

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) have recently announced their vision to build international partnerships with healthcare leaders to support its goal in developing a comprehensive and integrated health model across the UAE.

One area of increased interest is Sweden, where Emirati medical students could study abroad in various medical specialties in order to develop its students’ abilities and skills, providing them with the best medical practices and experiences.

The region is set on expanding its focus within the growing medical tourism market, and the development of its medical tourism strategy 2017-2021. By signing an MoU with the Ministry of Economy, the DHA will aim to boost its numbers and become a leader within the medical tourism market on a global scale, partnering with both government and private health providers to accomplish this feat.

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Dr Layla Al Marzouqi, Director of Medical Tourism at DHA has said, “Dubai is a leading health tourism destination — number-one in the region and 16th globally. DHA recently announced a growth of 9.5% over 2015 on the number of international medical tourists who availed health services in Dubai.”

Dr Al Marzouqi, added: “Dubai’s objective is to attract 500,000 plus international health tourists visiting Dubai by 2021 and to become the world’s most sought-after health tourism experience.

Additionally, the DHA are continually embracing new technologies, and are moving towards an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, in order to support its medical staff and house confidential patient records on a centralised, secure platform, which is then available by all medical professionals across the region’s healthcare sector. This will support a reduction in cost, waiting times and provide coordinated, personalised and effective patient care.