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The number of private health facilities in Dubai is increasing

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has recently announced that there has been a four percent increase in private health facilities in Dubai, highlighting a steady increase within Q2. The figure incorporates pharmacies, diagnostic and dental centres, private hospitals and specialty centres.

Additionally, 12 new private hospitals will open in Dubai by 2020, housing over 800 beds. The number of private hospitals within Dubai will leap to 38, surpassing the number of public hospitals in the region, in addition to current hospitals under expansion.

With growing insecurities surrounding public hospitals within Dubai, the region is is continually tackling this lack of public confidence, which is in the midst of being overhauled, against rising costs in both public and private hospital care.

Despite these challenges, the private healthcare market continues to grow and attract investment, at which Dubai is transforming its medical systems and processes to ensure the delivery of high standards to meet the needs of patients and adhere to strict regulations, implementing new initiatives and technologies.

“The numbers prove that Dubai has succeeded in attracting investment, which reflects Dubai’s competitive capabilities and its ability to accommodate various sectors and international facilities from all over the world, who chose to make Dubai their investment destination,” announced Dr Marwan Al Mulla, Director of the Health Regulation Department.

This significant growth in line with Dubai’s Expo 2020 vision, includes 26 hospitals, four fertility centres, 34 one-day-surgery centres, 1,624 specialised and general medical complexes, 82 dental treatment centres and laboratories, 868 pharmacies and 38 health examination and house nursing facilities, according to Gulf News.

Additionally, the Health Regulation Department has announced that there are now over 36,000 licensed physicians situated within the private sector, with over 13,000 being new licenses – further highlighting an increase within private healthcare.