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Scripps Research Translational Institute and NVIDIA enter a new partnership

genetics and AI

With the aim to make bespoke medicine accessible worldwide, Scripps Research Translational Institute has focused on utilising tools of genomics and digital medicine and enhancing this through the use of exceptional technologies.

Becoming one of the largest independent, not-for-profit research organisations, the company has recently partnered with AI specialist NVIDIA to harness deep learning tools and methods to process and analyse genomic and digital medical sensor data.

By accelerating the application of artificial intelligence (AI) for disease prevention, health promotion and the streamlining of biomedical research efforts. Scripps and NVIDIA will focus on advancing the use of deep learning, a subset of AI that is poised to play a key role in improving clinical outcomes and reducing healthcare costs, the company has stated.

Eric Topol, MD, founder and director of Scripps Research Translational Institute and professor at Scripps Research.

“AI has tremendous promise to transform the future of medicine,” says Eric Topol, MD, founder and director of Scripps Research Translational Institute and professor.

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“With NVIDIA, we aim to establish a centre of excellence for artificial intelligence in genomics and digital sensors, with the ultimate goal of developing best practices, tools and AI infrastructure for broader adoption and application by the biomedical research community.”

“AI is already transforming healthcare by using electronic health records and medical imaging to better diagnose and treat disease,” added Kimberly Powell, vice president of healthcare at NVIDIA. “Our collaboration with Scripps expands these opportunities by tapping into the rapid accessibility of genomic and digital wearable data, and furthers the quest to better predict and prevent disease.”

The move follows on from companies such as Apple, who have stated that the use of AI will help to enhance patients’ quality of life, give greater control back to patients regarding their healthcare needs and lower healthcare costs. Its new FDA-cleared Apple Watch ECG is one of the many health technologies set to revolutionise the market.

Through the partnership, similarly to Apple, Nvidia and Scripps will initially explore the use of AI to support those with atrial fibrillation and ways in which to deliver positive patient outcomes at each opportunity and boosting clinical efficiency through the use of enhanced health data.