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New data tool could transform clinical research in UK

Cloud-based Archer will enable automated sourcing of data from patient records and standardise it for different applications

|Dec 17|magazine5 min read

UK-based health tech agency 6B has been working on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) project called Archer, a cloud-based solution that will enable the automated delivery of patient data to a number applications. 

Backed by UK Government funding via their Innovate UK agency, the project has been commissioned by IgniteData. 

Using state of the art technology to allow direct Electronic Health Record (EHR) to Electronic Data Capture (EDC) transfer, the developers say this cloud-based digital health application will revolutionise the way healthcare practices conduct clinical research. 

With a mapping engine that is capable of remotely accessing patient medical records, Archer will enable the automated delivery of accurate, tracked, and validated data to different applications. This means that a process that would otherwise rely on manual data entry across thousands of patient records, will have the potential to be far more efficient for clinicians across the National Health Service (NHS) and private practices.

Archer will take data from healthcare records, and use coding to standardise the entries before sharing the information in the right format. 

The project has been in progress for almost two years. Jack Mollart, Lead Developer on the project and Back-End Developer for 6B, comments: “When IgniteData approached us about the Archer project, we were immediately struck by the fact this app could change the way that clinicians and healthcare practices approach clinical studies forever. 

“This was an intensive and detailed piece of work, but also an exciting brief to take on. Given the complexity and sensitivity of the data, it was essential that the focus on security was front and centre at every stage. There is no margin for error when you work on projects like this. 

“Together with IgniteData, we have developed software that will significantly reduce the resource required to process data entry across millions of patient records globally. Rather than relying on manual processing, the Archer app will do much of the work for clinicians, so they can focus on what matters.”

Archer is currently going through testing and approval by EHRs before it is implemented into practice. The product will be widely available in early 2021. 

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