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Apple is reportedly developing its smartwatch technologies through new partnerships

Apple Watch

Apple is continually developing its smartwatch capabilities, understanding that its innovations within healthcare will open the door to further market opportunities.

It has been reported that Apple is working with Stanford clinicians and American Well to further its smartwatch technologies and enable it to detect common heart conditions and abnormalities through the use of sensors.

If successful, the company will see a steady rise in revenue by catering towards high-risk patients, with information that is over 90% accurate. Both Stanford and American Well have declined to comment.

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At present, Apple’s Series 3 provides useful information surrounding a user’s health as a result of its interest in fitness applications. The Apple Watch app can also detect any irregularities with over 95% accuracy.

Apple’s previous partnership with health app Cardiogram has also highlighted the company’s focus in cardiology and health screening. In 2016,

However, through this new partnership, Apple will develop its technology further, especially with regards to health recovery times, and whether there is the potential for undiagnosed health conditions, such as atrial fibrillation, to be bought to light.