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DiaMonTech unveils non-invasive method for measuring blood glucose levels


German healthcare firm DiaMonTech has unveiled a new breakthrough technology with its non-invasive method for measuring the body’s blood glucose levels.

In a timely manner, the new announcement was made on world diabetes day – a condition that will be revolutionised by the new technology by removing the need for finger pricking in order to measure glucose levels.

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“With 400 million people suffering from diabetes worldwide, this new device will liberate many from the antiquated means of pricking their fingers and the potential health risks it carries,” DiaMonTech said.

DiaMonTech’s Head of Research and Development and Director of the Biophysics Institute at Goethe University, Professor Werner Mäntele, was behind its development – a man who specialises in spectroscopy and molecule detection.

“Unlike previous diabetic monitoring methods, which have focused on one particular layer of the skin to measure blood glucose, DiaMonTech’s approach means blood glucose is measured with ‘depth-profiling’,” Mäntele said.

“This method allows us to measure one’s skin at a multitude of different depths and is fine-tuned to measure glucose molecules rather than a high-level overview.” 

A DiaMonTech desktop device is scheduled for release in 2018, with smaller pocket-sized devices to come in 2019 and a smart-wristband that constantly monitors glucose levels expected in 2021.