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Digital health-startup Alodokter raises $9mn in Series B funding


Led by SoftBank Ventures Korea, digital health start-up company Alodokter has raised $9mn in Series B funding. The investment will see the company develop and integrate its app technology to further provide exceptional patient support across the platform. Golden Gate Ventures and Feng also participated in the funding round.

Established in 2014, patients can access their data through the mobile app and have the ability to book appointments and be the ‘go-to’ app for individuals who have a healthcare issue access medical services through one core platform, providing an essential solution for its 16 million active users.  

Recently, the company has installed a chat feature on the app, which utilises artificial intelligence and enables its users to chat with medical professionals at a time convenient for them.

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“We believe that a mix of AI and real-doctor interaction is the future of healthcare online,” explained CEO Nathanael Faibis. We are gathering one of the largest databases of patient/doctor interaction, which will give us an important edge in providing one of the best digital healthcare services.”

“We want our app to become top of mind for patients when they have a medical issue,” he added.

“By managing so much information about patients, doctors and service providers, we are gradually building a much more efficient solution than traditional methods to find the right solution for patients.”

Supporting over 250,000 patients a month, the company aims to further expand its service offering and enter further markets, but is going to meet stiff competition with competitors, such as MeetDoctor and 1Health.