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Drones could be set to support the UK healthcare industry


With drones increasingly transitioning from military technology to an in-demand, commercial product, local UK authorities have been tasked with sourcing how drones can positively impact everyday civilian life. It echoes Zipline’s work in Africa in the delivery of blood and vital medication to rural areas, and regions of difficult terrain.

The Telegraph has recently reported that healthcare is one area of increased interest for the UK. With growing populations creating increased congestion on roads and public services, there are concerns that life-saving medical supplies could no longer reach destinations in a timely manner, impacting on overall patient care.

Drones could therefore provide a complete solution, by taking to the skies and delivering essential medical supplies to support emergency services going forward.

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However, a new safety bill is thought to be implemented by early 2018 surrounding the ongoing regulation and maintenance surrounding the technology. With over a thousand ‘near misses’ with pilots in the last year, a draft drone bill will give local authorities and public services greater power surrounding the use of drones, and seize any thought to be part of criminal activity.

"Police forces are aware of the ever-increasing use of drones by members of the public and we are working with all relevant partners to understand the threats that this new technology can pose when used irresponsibly or illegally,” explained National Police Chief Council lead for criminal misuse of drones, Assistant Chief Constable Serena Kennedy.

Additionally, users will also have to undertake safety awareness tests to ensure they remain aware of the risks of utilising the technology