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Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick joins health startup Kareo

Travis Kalanick

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has been revealed to have joined healthcare startup Kareo. Since June last year, following his departure from Uber, Kalanick has remained largely absent from all business ventures - until now.

Created to meet the individual needs of independent medical practices, Kareo works to centralise all major healthcare functions through its cloud management platform. The company also provides free support and training to ensure all parties receive consistently positive outcomes.

“We share the vision that independent practices are the best place for building relationships with patients and providing the most meaningful care. In fact, we believe that this is why people become health care providers in the first place,” the company has said.

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“Integrated modules work together as part of a seamless platform, so that you have helpful tools to tackle your toughest administrative challenges. These tools include electronic health records, practice management, marketing, patient engagement and billing software.”

Launched in 2004, Kareo has now amassed 45,000 providers and over 75,00 active users under its belt, raising over $120mn in venture capital funding.  With five offices across the US, the medical software company is continuing to increase its foothold over the health-tech industry.

However, Kalanick’s appointment at Kareo is no surprise. Founder Dan Rodrigues, is a former colleague of Kalanick’s, and the two have a past business venture together, music startup Scour. Uber invested in Kareo under Kalanick’s reign in 2009, leading the two to form a positive business relationship for many years.

It is interesting to note that upon announcing his move to Kareo, Uber has launched UberHealth in the same month, but highlights how businesses are increasingly investing in an emerging, lucrative industry on a global scale.



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