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GE looks to sell its healthcare IT division


Through receiving poor third quarter figures, General Electric are set to divest a number of its units and sell over $20 billion in assets, Reuters has recently reported.

Incorporating both API Healthcare and Centricity EMR, the company is also looking to divest its transportation business, but both divisions would need to be sub-divided upon the sale of the business units.

The sale would link with GE’s further ambitions to transform its service offering. It has previously sold its GE Capital business, as well as NBCUniversal, in order to place further investment in the areas presenting future growth and return on investment.

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However, the company has recently opened up a 3D printing lab in Sweden, as part of its focus on new healthcare technologies and development of new medical products. It joins GE Healthcare’s other advanced manufacturing and engineering centre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The two will collaborate, share knowledge and work on new design ideas.

Its advanced manufacturing engineering team has also developed and programmed multiple collaborative robots which are now installed in GE Healthcare factories globally and are improving efficiency in production lines.

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