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[INFOGRAPHIC] 12 Sci-Fi Wearable Tech Gadgets That Could Improve Your Health

While they may not look this futuristic, future spectacles that can improve one's hearing are on the way, according to ZocDoc.

Wearable tech is consistently becoming more prominent in the health care industry.

Devices that allow individuals to track and share their health data with their physicians are on the rise. Apple’s latest Apple Watch and Philip’s prototype to aid those suffering from chronic illness are just two examples of wearable devices that will drive health care towards a brighter future.

By 2020, 20 billion devices are expected to be in use, with China operating 5.1 billion of them. The global big data market is also expected to generate revenue of over $122 billion by 2025.

The world of health care is slowly shifting to personalized care, with a focus on the individual rather than the masses.

From tattoo fitness sensors to breast cancer-detecting bras, these are the top 12 wearable innovations that could improve consumer health in the near future. 

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