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Mediation app Headspace confirms purchase of voice-enabled AI system Alpine.AI

The mindfulness meditation app maker, Headspace, has confirmed it is set to purchase voice-enabled AI system Alpine.AI to accelerate its development in personalisation and conversational products, Mobi Health News reports.

Details of the cost of the total deal are currently undisclosed, however, it has been confirmed the Alpine team will join Headspace’s San Francisco office.

In an email to Mobi Health News, Paddy Hannon, chief technology officer at Headspace, said: “Alpine.AI will help dramatically improve our voice platforms allowing users to have a more natural conversation with our products via voice assistants like Google Home or Alexa.”

“For customers wanting to experience Headspace without their phone, and the myriad distractions that come with it, Alpine will help us ensure they have an amazing experience. We see this system evolving and we see the underlying conversational technology as critical to building a comprehensive guide to health and happiness.”

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Alpine.AI’s technology is currently being utilised into Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with the firm aiming to provide its users the ability to communicate with their meditation services via voice technology.

In a statement, Adam Marchick, Alpine.AI CEO, said: “We are thrilled to be joining forces with the Headspace team as we see a huge opportunity to make meditation and mindfulness more accessible and the conversation natural.”

“Ultimately, this will benefit the millions of people already using Headspace and the hundreds of millions more that Headspace will impact.”

Headspace anticipates its meditation app to be part of a number of products that will be FDA approved and clinically validated with the firm hoping to utilise the products to treat a range of chronic diseases.