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NowRx aims to disrupt the pharmacy market


In a bid to disrupt traditional processes, NowRx will enable patients to re-order repeat prescriptions through utilising Amazon Alexa and Google Cloud technologies, according to recent reports.

The move will see traditional queues become eradicated within brick-and-mortar pharmacies, and will see prescriptions delivered to a user’s door. Obtaining approximately $2 million in seed funding back in June, NowRx is set to fully launch its service this month.

NowRx CEO Cary Breese has said: "Free same-day delivery provides a dramatically better customer experience, and is uniquely available from an on-demand pharmacy. Large chain pharmacies are reluctant to offer free delivery because of the essential incentive to attract customers into their brick and mortar locations so they can upsell them on all of the other products in the store."

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"By operating inside highly automated, low-overhead warehouse locations, NowRx will be able to achieve the same or better operating margins as the largest players in the industry and, in fact, we are projecting profitability later this year.”

Furthermore, to appeal to a wider market, NowRx has an inbuilt functionality which deliver reminders for the required medication and refills.

In utilising the technology, users are able to order a repeat prescription through Alexa or Google Home. This request is accepted like a traditional card payment order once the patient’s prescription number is confirmed, and the required medication is delivered promptly. By encrypting any patient data, NowRx are also able to gain HIPAA compliancy by storing this vital patient data away from tech giants.

To further its customer base, the company aim to work with insurance providers with the support of pharmacists and doctors across the US and expand its warehouse operations as it gains increased revenue.