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University of Sydney unveils its new medical imaging facility

University of Sydney (Getty Images)

The University of Sydney has launched its new medical imaging facility. Named Sydney Imaging, the facility will support researchers within medical research through the use of imaging technology.

Sydney Imaging’s Hybrid Theatre also houses a number of technologies, ranging from biomedical imaging and AI, to robotics which support surgical training, the University has stated.

Through the use of imaging technology, researchers will be gain the ability to explore chronic diseases through non-invasive methods and support long-term patient care. The term “hybrid” signals a transformation on how surgeries are undertaken – a mix of traditional open surgeries and minimally invasive procedures.

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“Researchers will be able to easily combine magnetic resonance imaging with X-ray and ultrasound systems, greatly increasing the range of procedures they can undertake. We are also exploring how surgical robotics might interact this technology, and are working with experts at the University’s Australian Centre for Field Robotics to develop new applications in surgery and medicine,” explained Academic Director of Core Research Facilities Professor Simon Ringer.

Utilising Australia’s first advanced robotic imaging system, the ARTIS pheno C-Arm, the Hybrid Theatre also houses enhanced cameras in the rooms, as well as video conferencing to support its research capabilities.

“This initiative offers a valuable opportunity for the local health community to strengthen connections with existing collaborators and foster new partnerships – in order to advance scientific and medical discoveries and ensure our healthcare system remains fit for future purpose,” added  Executive Director of Sydney Health Partners, Professor Garry Jennings.